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How To Use Jett Ultimate

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Jett classified as a duelist uses her agility and evasive fighting style to take risks no one else can. This ability is pretty simple to use press the button and JETT is launches straight up in the air.

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Jett the fastest and most mobile Duelist in VALORANT.

How to use jett ultimate. Jett is one of the most mobile agents in Valorant and her ultimate ability is notorious for wiping out entire squads at the best of times. Hence this Valorant Jett guide. The best ways to use all of Jetts abilities in Valorant By Austen Goslin AustenG Apr 7 2020 531pm EDT If you buy something from a Polygon link Vox Media may earn a commission.

You can surprise enemies by throwing a Cloudburst down walking into it and then using Q andor E. The saving grace of this ability is its oneshot capability and perfect accuracy mid air. If your team needs to save or partial save you can forgo buying a gun and use Jetts Ultimate instead.

I use jetts ultimate in tandem with her mobility to get surprise kills. There are two ways you can unlock Jett in Valorant. If you are overwhelmed during a battle players can use the Tailwind to quickly escape.

Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. First we have the obvious one level up all Jett agent contracts and youre good to go. Pick your spots carefully.

Jetts ultimate ability is one of the strongest in the game currently as it has no time limit and can be used throughout an entire round. One level will set you back 200 Valorant Points. Her Ultimate Bade Storm can be activated after the player collects six ultimate orbs around the map.

The operative equips several daggers that kill with one hit to the head attack with one dagger and to any part of the body attack with all daggers. To avoid this cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. You can either press your left mouse button to throw a single dagger or right mouse button to throw all daggers which deals with an incredible amount of damage.

It is so satisfying to jump above someone float as you turn the corner and then either headshotrightclick or dash around and then shoot them with the knives. But with such a high skill ceiling youre going to need all the help you can get to truly master Jett. When you encounter an enemy you can kill.

Youre signed out. You can use this tactic with other smokes as well. Basic Ability Updraft Updraft launches JETT in the air making high places more accessible and quicker to get to.

Casting Updraft will holster your. This ultimate ability requires six orbs and its perfect for running into a site and racking up kills. You can also use it during a save round to still offer strong offensive ability while boosting your economy or buying a gun for an ally.

Agent Jetts ultimate skill which can be used after collecting six orbs or killing six enemies. She runs circles around every skirmish cutting ene. As for Jetts ultimate she throws 5 daggers at opponents.

Equipped with quick dashes or big leaps Jett is made to engage and disorient the enemies with her spe. Method number two purchase Valorant points and unlock all levels one by one. However players can combine Updraft and Tailwind to jump and get behind enemies.

Jett Tips and Tricks. Jetts ultimate ability is Blade Storm. When Jett activates her ult she draws five kunai knives which she can fire one at a time or all at once.

Either one at a time or all of the remaining daggers at once.

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