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How To Play Violin Without Shoulder Rest

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These clips attach to the rim or lower bout of the violin learn about the parts of a violin here. A shoulder rest makes it easier to hold the violin by propping the instrument higher from the shoulder.

Kinder Chinder Pad For Shoulder Rest Or Chinrest With Images Violin Shoulder Rest

Figure 415 Thumb led by other four fingers 70.

How to play violin without shoulder rest. The Cushion is an alternative to a shoulder rest. During this time technically demanding pieces were written and played which was made possible by using a chin rest. Clip-on shoulder rests have clips or clamps located on either side.

In this video I demonstrate how I hold the violin without the help of a shoulder-rest. Eyes should face directly to the front engaging with the music or book rather than looking over the left hand. With the Kreddle cushion its easier and more comfortable to play the violin without a shoulder rest.

Start without your violin feet apart right and left feet making a line parallel with the music on the stand. They are usually adjustable both in terms of length and the angle at which they can be clamped to the back of the violin. Using a shoulder rest when playing a violin is a matter of personal preference.

I believe the combination of. In order for me to hold the violin without a shoulder rest I would have to clamp down with my jaw angle my neck and raise up my shoulder all at the same time. Dont forget to put a thumb up if you enjoyed the video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel not to miss future videos.

2 Uniqueness of tone Using a shoulder rest is more likely to cause homogeneity of tone. Yes I did style the opening of this video after Count Dankula and no I wont be doing that from now on. I interview Jordan Hayes about the advantages of playin.

Professor of Violin Julia Bushkova talks about playing without and with the shoulder rest its pros and cons and the correct approach to both methods. Its a small accessory you can place on almost any chinrest bracket except the Wittner composite rests. If I could I would definitely play without a shoulder rest but my neck is a little longer than what is comfortable for me to be without a shoulder rest.

Step one is to make sure that the violin is sitting on the collarbone and centered with the tailpiece going right into the neck picture 1. While holding a violin without use of a shoulder-rest may not be for everyone it allows those who can get used to it a sense of extra freedom while holding the violin. I dont like shoulder rest so I am determined to get used to play without it but I dont know how some people have no problem at all.

I just wanted to have some fun with the opening. How to Play the Violin Without a Shoulder Rest 1 Tone In my opinion the best tone ever produced on the violin is by masters that did not use a shoulder rest. Playing the viola without tension is a lifetime issue.

In my early studies I was using a shoulder-rest but felt locked into one. Try not to swing your right foot out to the right or behind the plane of the left. Some players prefer using it while others play the instrument without it.

In my case it helps me be more expressive and relaxed. I also want to know your thumb position because it is not easy for me to vibrate the first finger on the note right next to the nut f on e string and I see my thumb often goes under the violin neck. Figure 414 Exercise with the thumb underneath the neck of the viola70.

A shoulder rest isnt a good idea for someone without much of a neck because it will lead to straining and clamping of the chin and playing without a shoulder rest is a bad idea for someone with a really long necksloping shoulders because you will be forced to raise the shoulder or clamp as well. This type of shoulder rest is by far the most common. Up to this point the violin had been played without any support including without a chin rest since 1730 from 1831 with a chin rest but still without a shoulder rest.

The chin should be placed on the chinrest and apply enough pressure to hold your violin. When playing with the cushion and a higher chinrest the violin is not too high you dont have the.

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