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How To Play Osu With Z And X

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Keyboard Tapping For mouse and tablet or any other input device you may also use your keyboard Z and X by default to hit the circles instead. This map is 360 BPM.

How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

The player will attach a wire to the clicking fingers connected to keyboards circuit for Z and X and will touch the metal plates to register beats.

How to play osu with z and x. If a big yellow line approaches the drum spam either ZX or CV until the drumroll is done. A few things to pay attention to as a new OSU. Yes you canIf this video hits 41 likes ill get my mom to play osujoin my discord if you feel like cos why notInstagram.

Hi this is my tutorial of the game osuF. Maybe you can try these maps httpsosuppyshs58951 httpsosuppyshs110557 httpsosuppyshs163808 Hope it will help you to get better at osu. I use a Razer DeathAdder 3500DPI that my based friend gave me because he felt sorry because before that I used a 10 Microsoft mouse that was about the size of a matchbox.

So that you will be comfortable in alternate tapping at higher speeds. The benefit of doing so is spreading the physical movement across two hands rather than doing the clicking with your aiming device thus allowing you to more easily hit faster sections of notes. When a yellow line approaches the drum spam the X or C key.

Note that you will only get points for hitting notes to the beat of the small circles in the center of the drumroll line. Just play the maps you have right now and get used to using your keyboard. Like the joystick this method is one that is more considered to be a creative and out-of-the-box way to play osu.

Instead rrtyui opts to alternate between x and z on every eighth-notequaver in order to keep up. Thanks for watchingAdd me on osu. S and A keys was using Z and X for a while but my X key started to get kinda non responsive l0l Laptop.

Heres a DT play by rrtyui. For some more tips or just ask me anything skin. I personally use A and D when I play ring and middle finger because it just feels natural for me.

Default is ZX but if you wish to change your keys then make sure the keys are adjacent. A speed that very few players are able to maintain their aim while singletapping at. If you look into the options menu and search for the change keyboard bindings button you can literally see that left click and right click are standard bound to Z and X this is what most people use I guess 1 level 2 Phoenixby13.

Do a drumroll. Dont think about your PP or rank play. First and foremost dont lose your head about missing a circle and oftentimes its better to miss the next 1-2 to get back on the beat.

Players who master alternating end up being able to play fast technical maps without as much fatigue ie. Alternate between z and x for 14 beats streams you can call them fast beats if you want In the future you will encounter with some maps where single tapping and alternating both have some kind of advantage so you will have to choose between them but thats something you should not care about right now and there are not many maps like that. You dont need to use Z and X these are default keys but its better to find the keys you are most comfortable with I for example use E and W because my hand just naturally goes to that part of the keybord and it was very strange to play with X and Z.

The big black and Everything will freez difficulty lunatic and extra. I know thats the standard answer but its true. I also plan to do a serious updated version.

Neglect all the options except for the top two options left click and right click in osu. If youre playing Osu to play osu play at a higher one it def comes in handy when the maps start getting jumpy. Also if you arent used to pressing Z and X start experimenting with your key binds.

I hate my self for making this.

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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