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How To Play Osu Good

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Not only that but you will be destroying your precious mouse buttons. Im thinking ill do a warmup and after that ill play some maps thatll improve my stamina finger control maps like oer the flood or the nature of dying and change their bpm with the osu trainer.

How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

Just because a certain play style works for one person thats good at osu.

How to play osu good. Mouse only M style. Thanks for watchingAdd me on osu. Beginners GuideTutorial – AceDesuI hope this is helpful to many new players of the game.

This is done by paying attention to the keys you press and developing a sense of rhythm along the way. Originally released for Microsoft Windows on September 16 2007 the game has also been ported to macOS Linux Android and iOSIts gameplay is inspired by titles such as OsuTatakae. If you cant aim or get high accuracy at high OD play some lower bpm DT considering you arent feeling in top condition for high bpm single taps.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comme. You should be as comfortable as possible and your hands should be as relaxed as possible when you are playing. If you cant play any of them just dont play or go mess around on multiplayer.

Hi when I watch osu. Just like an fps game. That doesnt mean that it will work for you if it puts strain on you dont do it.

For some more tips or just ask me anything skin. Is a rhythm game primarily developed published and created by Dean peppy Herbert. You can play using only one mouse on default aiming and hitting the beats with the mouse buttons.

Videos 90 of the time people use tablet or mose keyboard. But I dont recommend this because at higher speeds it will just limit you and takes time for you to shift to another playstyle. Ouendan Taiko no Tatsujin Happy Feet video game Beatmania IIDX Elite Beat Agents O2Jam StepMania and DJMax.

If you cant do either HR or DT just work on your streams. So my question is I played osu for few hours and I really like it but I dont really like playing using the keyboard and mouse so do I need to use keyboard to beat the harder maps. Than after that take a small break and than play some stream maps at like 150 bpm for a small warmup than play a bpm 10 than what im used to such as.

SUBSCRIBE to never miss a video from JaekyJoin the notification squad by clicking the bellSocial Media httpslinktreejaekyBusiness Inquiries j. For todays standards getting 98-99 acc or more is what you should be aiming if you want to be good at the game regardless of the map you play. Be meticulous and try to improve your previous plays in accuracy.

Im still sad about this choke i really would like to fc the songosu map.

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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How To Play Osu With Pictures Wikihow

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