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How To Play Keyboard Left Hand

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In the right hand Im just playing straight even 8th notes of the progression while the left hand plays quarters notes moving back and forth between the two outside notes of the chord. RH RH RH RH.

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Combining octave root notes with broken arpeggios is a great way to really work out your left hand.

How to play keyboard left hand. The first stage is to just get used to positioning your left hand on the piano keyboard. On the right hand play the next note with finger one or your thumb. Why is the main reaction to saying you play on PC with your mouse in the left is Just aim with your right hand Ive been playing on PC for about a year and a half mainly FPSs but I switched to aiming with my left hand instead of my right about a month and a half ago.

The left hand is the most important part of non-Classical piano technique. Your right hand should be positioned so the thumb is on F and the pinky on C right above Middle C. You have several options for playing with your left hand.

So if you start a C scale with the little finger of the left hand your thumb will play G at which point your ring. Its a challenge to be sure but once you. The piano fingers for the right hand are similar to the left hand and follow the same basic rules.

Your arm should be relaxed and the hand itself should be level with your fingers slightly curved. On the left hand play fingers one two and three or the notes C D and E. For a quick and stimulating drill this exercise helps limber up the left-hand fingers in C position.

If you are thinking of experimenting with a left-handed setup you could start with binding a limited number of keys. Ive found that I can pretty much thrive just binding 16 keys initially. In ascending scales the third or fourth finger crosses over the thumb.

For example there is usually a maximum of 16-20 keys that are absolutely crucial for most games. Practice the following finger techniques to build dexterity in the left hand. To begin with just play the chord in your right hand and root note in your left hand.

It should have the same relaxed feel and position as your right hand. Using the numbering for your fingers place your hands in the C position. Sing or say out loud the name of each note as you play it.

So place your left hand on the piano keyboard with your thumb on Middle C as shown below. The fingers of the left hand are also numbered from 1 to 5 with the thumb being the number 1 and the little finger being the number 5. You can play scales melodies simple one-note harmonies chords or just plain cool-sounding accompaniment patterns.

A left-hand pattern such as this will build on both your broad keyboard accuracy as well as your fine motor skills. Next try playing the left hand on the first and third beats. It would be best if you kept however the fingers 1 and 5 off the accidentals whenever it is possible.

How To Play a B Minor Chord on Piano Left Hand. RH right hand LH left hand RH RH RH RH. Then play the left hand on the first beat of the bar or when you first play the chord.

Blackpool piano teacher Tanya Lawrence takes you through the basic left hand changes. The next pattern that you can use is a sort of half-arpeggio.

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