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How To Play Kalimba Without Nails

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It is recommended to use your fingernails to pluck the keys instead of using the meat alone. In the end it will depend on you if you would like to save your nails then you can play the Kalimba using your fingers or if you feel comfortable using your nails then it is best to learn the instrument using them.

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Thumb picks are another great alternative to playing kalimba without needing to use your nails.

How to play kalimba without nails. The kalimba is one of those rare instruments that you can play without really knowing anything about music or anything about the instrument. The fingernails play a crucial role in playing the kalimba. The shiny polishing edge helps to keep the trimmed end of each cut or filed nail protected from the tines of the kalimba instrument.

Hold the kalimba with both hands and play the keys with your thumbs. Create a small band using this card set and play the kalimba musical instrument in a band together with xylophone melodica or ukulele. This finger xylophone is a great chromatic addition to any kid band or orchestra.

You can also place the kalimba on a flat surface rather than holding it. Place your thumbs on the top of the kalimba and wrap the rest of your fingers behind the kalimba. Hold the kalimba from the sides in the palm of your hands placing your thumbs on the tines.

Thumb picks come in many forms but the general premise is that they sit over your thumb and the kalimba tines can then be plucked with the pick rather than using your nail or thumb pad. This technique is used for playing octave pairs but on the right side of the kalimba not on the left. This requirement not being set in stone is one of the many things that makes the Kalimba such a joy when learning to play it.

The index finger could be placed gently on the sides for support. Split nails are almost impossible to repair. If you play kalimba hard for an hour or two in one day you will find that the thumb nail will still wear away at the place you tend to strike the kalimba tines.

You can also lay the kalimba down flat and pluck with index fingers but that also requires you to still have like 05 – 1 mm nail length in your index fingers. There are certain rules of thumb you can learn and you can sound really good armed with those and a bit of confidence. Hello KalimbuddiesToday we will talk about those precious na.

I personally dont like the way it sounds laying down because the sound quality is dependent on the thickness and material of the surface its laying on. Use Improved Nail Technology. It takes a long time to grow a new set.

You will want to file the nail until the profile is straight or curved in a convex shape to improve your playing the next time you play. After learning the correct way to hold a kalimba the manner in which to use the thumbs to pluck the tines must be emphasized. The karimba technique In order to play the kalimba you can also use your index finger.

If your nails need more than cursory help use new nail technology to hone your instrument interface. For all sorts of reason is it possible to play the kalimba even with short nailsYES. I find the natural shape of the Alaska Pik to be fine for the Alto kalimba without adjusting.

Do not cover the 2 holes on the back of the kalimba. The karimba technique allows you to rotate your right index finger in the opposite direction of the clock. Place the kalimba in the palms of your hands with the tines facing you.

How to play a kalimba We recommend this kalimba as a musical instrument for children. The new crop of 17-Note kalimbas from China and the Hugh Tracey Treble kalimba upon which they are modeled have a tine-center to tine-center distance of about 7 mm and this kalimba requires the pointiest thumb nails to give you the precision to play.

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