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How To Play Hopscotch Indoors

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Each player has a marker such as a stone bottlecap shell button etc. Making your Cardboard Hopscotch.

Indoor Hopscotch And We Play Kids Playing Hopscotch Toddler Activities

Player 1 will start off by hopping over square 1 directly to square 2.

How to play hopscotch indoors. How Do You Play Hopscotch. Playing Hopscotch Indoors Video. Use chalk to draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground or use masking tape on the floor.

Use masking tape instead of chalk and a small beanie baby-like toy for the marker. Draw a traditional hopscotch diagram like the one below. If rain snow or cold weather are keeping you inside take the game indoors.

To learn how to play hopscotch a player must cast the first stone by throwing his or her marker totem onto the court in an attempt of having it land within the confines of the first square and this one then becomes temporarily off limits to the players hopping through the course. See how to play the game of hopscotch including some variations. Continue placing the tape.

Figure out the design you want for your hopscotch and how many squares youll need. For younger children simply hopping across the single versus double squares can provide hours of fun. Chalk is best for asphalt and pavement outdoors.

One player takes a turn throwing a flat object into a square beanbag stone etc if the marker lands outside of a square the player loses their turn. Hop on the evensodd or count by 3. The course is usually six to eight feet long and around three feet wide.

Grab your first roll of tape and carefully begin placing the tape onto the hard floor. All thats needed to play hopscotch is a course. Then I drew my numbers on the cardboard squares and painted them with acrylic craft paints.

Indoor Hopscotch Variation. Alphabet Hopscotch is a fun alphabet game that will not only get your kids up and moving indoors but also help to teach them letter recognition. Jump from 1-2 to 4-5 skip the single boxes Try to add the numbers jump on the 1 and 2 and shout out equals 3 I decided it would be fun to also use the indoor hopscotch board in four totally different ways.

The object is to see who can complete all 10 squares first. Buy a lot more sponges and try to get 4 in a row. Heres how to play hopscotch.

Center each number stencil in the middle of the appropriate box and then tape it in place. However winter is a terrible time to play in a playground. This indoor hopscotch board gets kids moving and creative.

Blustery days dont have to be boring if you make your kids this super-easy hopscotch mat. Ours is 9 squares and a half circle with the number 10 on it at the top. Throw a small stone twig beanbag or other marker into the.

It can consist of any number of squares but 10 is a common layout. If youre playing inside use masking or. Players can scratch a course in the dirt with a stick or draw it on a concrete surface with chalk.

How to play hopscotch rules video so you can have fun with this popular schoolyard game. Create a Connect 4 board on the shower curtain. Start with the first square and with each square moving up.

From square 2 to square 10 heshe will follow the numbered sequence. Mask off the areas around the numbers and then spray the paint on the stencils. Even if the weather makes it impossible to play outside there are still a lot of entertainment options for indoors.

Use your scissors to cut the tape off for a clean look. Create a diagram with eight sections and number them. After Player 1 reaches square 10 heshe will turn around and proceed to hop back in reverse until heshe reaches square 2.

As a parent theres nothing I love more than taking my toddler to a park and letting her run and climb while I relax on a shaded bench.

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