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How To Play Hide And Seek With Your Puppy

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Hide anywhere from 5 to 10 pieces. Youll need to set your dog up for success by asking them to wait or stay for just a few seconds while youre visible then work your way up.

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Hide And Seek Your Dog Dog Training Dog Training Tools

Ive never met a dog who doesnt enjoy the game.

How to play hide and seek with your puppy. He gets crated for a few minutes while I scatter 4-5 bites around our living area then he peels out to go sniff them out. All you have to do is show them how to do it. Playing a game of hide and seek is by far one of my dog Laikas favorite games.

When your pup reaches them have the person praise your pup like crazy and give them a treattoy. Start to teach this game by hiding the puppys kibble in very obvious places around the room. What you need for the Hide and Seek Dog Games.

Make them sit and stay this part takes training and th. Hide and Seek with Toys and Treats Tell your dog to sitstay out of sightor put her in another room to prevent her from seeing you hiding the toy. My dog and I play hide and seek but differently.

Learn how to play dog hide and seek with your pooch. Rescue puppy loves playing hide and seek with her dad especially when he pretends he cant find her. If your dog doesnt have a good stay command down you can ask a friend to help by having them distract your dog as you go and hide.

Your dog would love to play hide and seek with you. Repeat steps 1-3 with a different person calling your puppy. When you introduce hide-and-seek choose hiding spots that will allow your dog to find you easily.

Some people say stay when they want their dog to wait until they return and wait when they want the dog to. At first try hiding just out of your dogs sight. Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyers Guide here.

If the treats dont smell like something the dog wants to eat then game over. Have a couple of people sit around the room or yard with treatstoys in hand. Once you have the kibble in place go and fetch the puppy.

One of the families that trains at my school has four kids and when they play hide-and-seek they use the dog to find the ones that are hiding. If you make it too hard in the beginning your dog might give up. Have her stay or ask a helper to hold her in one room and then hide right around the corner in the adjoining room.

This works even better with a beloved toy or favorite treat because they will want to play with it eat it immediately. Allow them to sniff it so that they can recognize it. Vamos Lola I already caught you.

Oh my goodness she doesnt know that I see her. Its a fun interactive game you can play with your dog and its mentally stimulating. How to play hide and seek with your dog.

Balls depending on the size of your dog tennis or. Playing Hide-and-Seek with a toy or treat. If they lose enthusiasm you can increase the distance you hide from them hide the treat in your pocket or find a new hiding spot as these will keep your dog active and engaged the entire time.

Have one person at a time call your puppy with come here command. You can even choose to hide outside so that you challenge him to search and use his sense of smell hearing and sight to his best abilities. I hide small treats and he seeks them.

Wow I dont see anything let me move the chair back a little bit more. The key to a successful hide and seek dog game is having amazing smelling treats. Show your Husky the toy or treat.

Hide a favorite toy. Have the child or other household member hide under a bed in a bathtub up or down a story in a second-floor bedroom or the basement. She love that shit who wants to play hide and seek.

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