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How To Play Harmonica C 10 Holes

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On holes 1 and 4 4 and 7 7 and 10. What Harmonica Do I Need.

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Chromatics have more notes so they take more holes to cover the same range as a diatonic.

How to play harmonica c 10 holes. Pretend you are sipping on a straw or whistling. Hold the harmonica with one hand at each end with the numbers facing you. With chromatic harmonicas at least the 12-hole ones capable of being tuned to any key professionals prefer to play to the C key its recommended to amateurs as well to purchase a 12-hole chromatic harmonica tuned to C key.

Low notes are on the left and high notes are on the right 2. Make sure the numbers are facing up so the lowest pitch is on the left. Youll need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C.

A diatonic harmonica has 10 holes. To play holes from 3 to 10 keep the tongue to the left of the hole to play. You can find an extensive tongue blocking single notes tutorial here.

This is the most common simplest type of harmonica. Additional notes can be played by bending explained later and different scales can be obtained by playing in different positions explained later. Did you know you can get a good quality diatonic harmonica for as little as 10.

Similarly the blow notes for holes 7 to 10 are also C E G and C. This is no accident and is the reason why harmonica blow notes are arranged this way. To get the same range as a 10-hole diatonic you need a 12-hole.

Holes 4 5 6 and 7 will play the notes of the beginner songs. The Educator 10 starts on middle C same as a diatonic C-harp or a 12-hole chromatic and extends up to the E that youd find in Blow 8 on a C-harp. On a 10 hole diatonic harmonica we can play three different octaves of C.

From holes 1 through 6 the blow notes are lower than the draw notes. From holes 7 through 10 it reverses. If youre not sure which harmonica is best for your needs dont worry Beginner to Boss includes a complete Harmonica Buyers Guide.

Typically you bring all holes required for the chord in front of your mouth and close off the holes that are not needed with your tongue. Draw on hole 4 and you have D. This is not the advanced hand technique but will make things easier for now first things first.

The switch happens between holes 6 and 7. Similarly the draw notes on holes 1 to 4 are D G. So all the blow notes on a C harmonica come from the C chord.

All these octaves are three holes apart. The holes on the blow siden give rise to playing octaves of the notes C E and G. Youll probably want to start here.

Hold the harmonica with either hand on the side of the harmonica. Check out my Instruments on Amazon. Usually they have 8 10 12 14 or 16 holes.

With any harmonica you can produce a note that you want to play by setting the hole for the note in front of your mouth and playing. The blow notes are also C E G and C. The octave of C can be played by blowing holes 1 and 4 together at the same time.

Position your mouth over the fourth hole. Chromatic harmonicas vary in how many holes they possess. The blow notes are higher than the draw notes.

Blowing into hole 4 will play a C. Because of this most harmonica players call holes 1 through 6 the low end of the harp and holes 7 through 10 the high end of the harp. It is built to play a major diatonic scale.

Yet another C chord. To play hole 2 keep the tongue to the left and the harmonica a bit to the outside to the right while to play the hole 1 the tongue is positioned to the right. Chords are played similarly.

Check out my Instruments on Amazon.

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