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How To Play Guitar With Fat Fingers

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Having fat fingers can be resolved by certain techniques but it is also important to maintain the right posture when playing the guitar. However remember that the frets give you some wiggle room.

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If youre having trouble fitting your fingers in a chord try exercising some of the space you have.

How to play guitar with fat fingers. This invariably results in unintentionally muffled strings. If you have larger fingers you need to be more conscious of keeping your fingers vertical against the strings using more of the actual tip closer to the finger nail to fret the string. This will allow you to play chords without buzzing or dampening and deadening of any of the strings.

Remember that your entire posture can affect how well you play. And for fat fingers its sometimes just a matter of where you press down on the tip of your finger. Use A Big Fat Guitar Using a classical guitar will probably help anyone who has thicker fingers.

And of course dont forget to practice. To make this chord youll use your 1st finger to cover both the 4th and 3rd strings at the 2nd fret. Playing a smaller guitar is beneficial for people with small hands or fat fingers as smaller guitars usually have smaller frets.

If you have extremely fat fingers and cant really press down on a single string without touching the other one get a guitar with a wider neck. New guitarists often try and keep the palm of their hand flat against the back of the neck of their guitar which creates awkward angles for their fretting fingers. Work on Being able to curl your fretting hand fingers all together and independently of each other.

But what makes the C9 so great for stubby fingers is the crossover neck. Generally classical guitars have widerthicker necks which usually means that the strings are further apart. Adjust Where Your Fingers Are Inside The Frets.

Get this Valuable Free Resource. One of the best chords to start working on finger placement with is the Open D chord. Make the necessary adjustments especially when fingers are within the guitar frets.

When you have large hands fitting more than one finger in a fret to play a chord can seem impossible. This makes it easier for your fingers to. The neck of a classical guitar is wider and often thicker than the one on acoustic or electric guitars.

When a beginner player with short stubbly fingers starts playing they often automatically think that is the issue and the reason why they cant nail the chord. Its rare to have these in classical guitars and it makes it no trouble at all to set the action how you like. This lessens the issue of your fingers rubbing up against the wrong strings.

To help with this position your thumb more towards the center of the back of the neck so you have more leverage to curl your fingers over and come down vertically on the strings. Its a quick 5-minute exercise with a PDF download that co. Concentrate on your fretting hand the hand closest to the neck of the guitar when sitting in proper position.

1 make sure that the joints in your fretting fingers are bent 2 make sure that the thumb in your fretting hand is not hanging over the front of the neck excessively – if youre having trouble with chords like C F Am or D try placing the thumb in your fretting hand below the middle line of the back of your guitar. As I mentioned I can say with 95 certainty that this is the cause of your problems its very common with beginners. Its closer to the neck of a steel-string acoustic with a nut width of only 48mm 178.

Anyone can play guitar chords its really a matter of getting your hand into the right position. Squeezing your fingers in between the other strings will take finding exactly the right place on your finger to press down. Your fingers arent too fat for the guitar you just havent developed your playing technique yet.

Then I use your 2nd finger to play the 2nd string. Guitar Tips For Changing Chords With Fat Fingers. One common chord people often.

Youll need to raise your knuckles high enough in the air so your fingers dont touch the 1st string. Chords can be tricky sometimes and when guitarists first start out they will usually struggle with the basic chord shapes. Again the truss rod is great to have here.

The opposite also applies.

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