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How To Play Golf In The Wind

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As such before each of your shots you need to get a feel for the strength and direction of the wind. Obviously you can tweak this.

A Tutorial From Phil Mickelson How To His A Ball Into The Wind Golf Lorisgolfshoppe Golf Inspiration Phil Mickelson Golf Lessons

Use the wind dont abuse the wind.

How to play golf in the wind. Playing in the wind can often times be exhausting and frustrating. The biggest mistake people make when hitting into a headwind is swinging too hard. So the following distances would change.

Aim well left and set up for a straight shot or slight fade with the goal of landing the ball just short and left of the green. Play it correctly and the wind will take your ball straight to the hole. Purchase your Flightscope Mevo Here httpsmevogolf3jR9StOUse Code SHG50 for 10off the Purchase off the Original MevoPurchase Your Mevo Here httpsmev.

Playing a shot into the wind demands taking more club one with less loft while playing with the wind requires you must hit less club more loft. Understand how wind will affect your golf shot. A rule of thumb is that every 10mph of wind will add one club to your approach.

To play good golf in the wind you should consider hitting more lower-flighted shots. Then watch the wind work its magic. Calculating distance in the wind Headwind A great rule to use is to add 1 for every 1mph of headwind.

The trick is to de-loft the club – ball. Know which direction the wind is blowing and compensate for the wind as you plan your shot. If the wind is blowing left to right at 30 mph aim your ball left and let the wind bring it.

Try to shape in ball into the wind to help it hold its line better. Dont try to fight it or itll be a long day. Prior to the 2017 Valspar Championship Graeme McDowell explains how to shape your ball in windy conditions.

And have good control over the height of your ball. If you dont read the wind correctly none of these tips will matter. Let the ball go where the wind wants it to go.

Whatever direction the wind is going you need something that will fly in the opposite direction. SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR now. How to Play Golf in the Wind Evaluate the Strength of the Wind.

But the rule of thumb is this. This kind of wind is tough so use your best judgment. Taking more club and swinging easier to reduce backspin on the ball.

Only then will you know which club to use. Always look for spots where the green is. If the wind is pushing right to left use a more understable disc.

Because a strong wind could turn a 120-yard 9-iron into a 100-yard 9-iron and could turn a 150-yard 6-iron into a 170-yard 6-iron. Quite the Chap from GolfersRx shares two tips you can take to the course the next time its windy. Aim farther left or right or take more or less club to adjust for the wind.

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