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How To Play Golf In Cold Weather

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The ball will not travel as far because golf balls become denser as molecules in the air grow closer together. Its important to keep your hands warm keeping the blood flowing.

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Warming up golf balls beforehand is not prohibited but there is a reason for thatit doesnt work.

How to play golf in cold weather. If you want to stay toasty and warm then I recommend walking the course. Cold Weather Golf Tip 1. It gives you a fake sense of achieving something semi-heroic golfs version of the Shackleton Expedition.

Low compression golf balls will perform better in cold weather as they help offset the hardening factor caused by lower temperatures. Cold-weather golf has its points. Golf balls will not travel that far during the cold season.

During cold weather research have shown that you tend to lose about 3-5 yards depending on air density for every 10 degree drop in temperature. You also need to keep your golf balls warm. Golf as you already know is an outdoor sport meant to be played when the weather is ideal.

Golf balls dont go as far its cold and your body is stiffer and the numerous other reasonable excuses you could make. Whats important is that youre still playing golf. The reason for this is that our cardiovascular system pumps less blood to our extremities.

The ground will be harder so you will have to make sure that you are hitting down at the golf ball to compress the golf ball. Winter mitts are great to keep you warm just pop them on for a few minutes or between some teefairway shots and you feel the heat coming back to your hands right away. That way you can enjoy both the game and the fresh air.

For starters Rule 14-3135 prohibits warming a golf ball during the round. The air temperature changes the compression of the golf ball and also how it flies through the air. Walking the entire nine or eighteen holes will get your blood pumping and keep you two to three degrees warmer.

When I play golf in the cold usually 40 degrees and below there are several pieces of clothing that are essential to playing good golf. Playing golf in cold weather will be different than normal playing conditions. If you dont already own a pair Ill just say it.

Stay engaged with the ground while keeping our tempo smooth. Have realistic golf expectations in the cold weather. So be sure to have those balls all warmed up in your pocket in between holes.

Holding the golf club with cold hands is difficult. Although golf courses are designed to be somewhat rough so that they can provide a certain level of challenge to golfers its impossible to play golf outdoors during winter especially if there. Ditch the Golf Cart If you want to spend your time freezing when youre on the course then take a golf cart.

Another thing you should note is. Golf in the winter is a completely different brand of golf than when it takes place in more mild weather and there are several considerations that have to be made to counteract the cold. As a matter of fact you may even loose up to five yards for a 10 degree drop in the temperature depending on the density of the air.

Long underwearleggings This is an absolute must in cold weather. When we are playing in conditions where the temperature has dropped we need to club up one or two clubs and focus on making controlled swings ie. Chances are youre scoring average will slightly increase during the cold weather months.

A smart way to keep your balls warm is by putting them in your pockets or closed up spaces.

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