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How To Play Genshin Impact Event

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How to unlock the Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event If you want to play the Barbara Hangout Event youll have to put in some work to. Genshin Impact has hosted tons of events in 2021 that provide players with additional Primogems.

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Once you have your two keys all you have to do is go to the Hangout Events tab of the Story Quests UI in Genshin Impact and then select the character you wish to hangout with.

How to play genshin impact event. Genshin Impact has a new web event to celebrate the arrival of update 15. Genshin Impact Related Guides All Events. 22 hours agoThe first Genshin Impact 15 update event is here and alongside the new character banners theres another opportunity to add new members to your.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Guide How To Increase Adventure Rank Fast. Regardless a reason to explore the world of Teyvat is always a good thing. These rewards will arrive via in-game mail after the Version 15 Update.

To start a hangout merely select the character once more to enter the currently blank flowchart UI where Begin Hangout is selectable at the bottom. In this guide we will tell you how to take part in this event as this is a web event rather than an in-game event. As was the case with previous Genshin Impact hangout event.

In addition to the valuable items you can receive from the Hilidream Camp event you will also get some Housing System furnishing. When Genshin Impact 15 Is Coming Out. If you want to unlock a new ending make sure to follow the very specific dialogue choices.

2 days agoWhen Can I Play Genshin Impact To the Stars Once More Event You can start playing the To the Stars Once More event in Genshin Impact on April 28th and it will end on May 17th at 2359 UTC8. This opens the regular story quest menu where you can find an extra tab at the top which will take you to the Hangouts screen. Adventurers Guild is organizing To the Stars Once More and they want all adventurers to participate.

This is where youll unlock each event. Genshin Impact 15 maintenance has ended. Apart from some shiny Primogems players can finally play the new hangout eventsTwo new stories have been added to Genshin Impact 15 -.

The gift draws will begin on the same date and will end on May 20th at 2359 UTC8. Endings in Genshin Impact Hangout Events are determined by dialogue choices made throughout the hang sesh. The big Genshin Impact 15 update just added a bunch of new hangout quests and Dionas is one of them.

To the Stars Once More is being run by the Adventurers Guild and they want all adventurers to take part. Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile PC and PlayStation 4. 2 days agoThere is a new web event in Genshin Impact to celebrate the release of update 15.

Simply go into your regular quest menu and then hit the Story Quests button in the bottom left.

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