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How To Play Flute With 7 Holes

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Your thumbs should be under the body of the flute with the line of holes facing forward. Youll use your index finger middle finger and ring finger to respectively cover the 1st 2nd and 3rd finger holes.

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This causes all the holes to sound flat.

How to play flute with 7 holes. Bring the embouchure hole up to your lips with your left elbow close to your chest. The u-notch embouchure indentation should rest against your bottom lip. The first three fingers of your right hand work the bottom three holes.

Hold the quena to your mouth and close the top end of the pipe with the flesh between your chin and lower lip. Sport the Right Position for Your Lips. Some musicians hold the flute straight out horizontally and some play with it pointed straight down.

Dont try covering any holes just yet but have them at the ready flute embouchure. The left hand. Your left hand should cover the top three with your thumb covering the hole on the back.

Low instruments tend to have bells at the end Instruments with finger holes meaning not brass tend to lack bells. If the wavelength is much larger than the hole then not much sound radiates. Hole size and Flared ends Louder sound if holes are larger The sound that escapes through a hole depends on the wavelength.

Hold the flute with a hand on each side left hand closest to the mouth hole the flute pointed to your right with all finger-holes open. Take the Right Position of Holding the Flute. Holding the flute Paying close attention to the position of your thumb make sure that the inside of the first joint of your left index finger is stays in contact with the flute and hold the flute with your fingers in their respective positions.

I made this and i wish to con grate her in this moment she said it took time and it was the most hardest thing she had learnt doing the flute. Balance the Flute using the thumb and forefinger of your left hand and the thumb and little finger of your right hand. Position your left hand so that its palm is pointing toward your face.

When you place the bamboo flute against your lip this will also aid in holding the Flute. We can call each note a number such as 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7. In general the pinky fingers are not used to play the flute.

Your thumbs should be holding the flute from below somewhere between the first and second. Hold the flute up at eye level and look down the body. Place the edge of the mouth hole firmly against the center of your lower lip.

I can only pla. Line up the hole in the head joint with the first key on the flute. These 7 notes move in succession and form the diatonic scale or a major scale.

Place your left hand on the outside so your fingers curl inward. The lowest joint of your left-hand first finger should press against the front of the flute to support it. Intermittently test the lowest frequency of the flute with all tone holes closed.

Fine-tune the flute by gradually enlarging the tone hole diameters. Locate the first key on the main body of your flute. Twist the head joint so the mouth hole is in line with the key.

Hold the flute comfortably with both hands. This raises the frequencies. If you are right handed then hold the flute in your hands so that your left hand grips the flute to the left of the blowing hole and your right hand grips below the blowing hole to the right although it does not really matter even if you hold it with one hand as long as you are able to hold the flute aligned with your lips.

Drill the tone holes with a small diameter drill at first. Think of the first or lowest note on your flute as a C or a do as in do re mi. Lifting the flute to play.

The foremost thing you should learn is how to hold the flute with your hands. One would be the lowest note of the flute. Hold the quena with your right hand covering the bottom three holes.

Steps Techniques On How To Play Wooden Flute.

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