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How To Play Flute Bamboo

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No it isnt hard to learn the bamboo flute if you have consistent practice. When you try blowing into the blowing hole of the flute particularly a side flute most of the air goes out of the flute and all you get is hiss.

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The bamboo flute is a reedless woodwind instrument so to generate sound you must create a column of air inside of the flute.

How to play flute bamboo. It requires a special embouchure to hit correct notes but is somewhat easier to play than a Quena. Thats because the blow is not concentrated on the hole. To get the sound from the flute.

Input your flutes inner diameter wall thickness and select a key for the flute to be in. Dont try covering any holes just yet but have them at the ready. With your lips loosely closed form a smile grin slowly blow a thin but strong stream of air across the mouth hole while slowly rotating the bamboo flute away from your lip.

The app will calculate the exact placement and diameter for the embouchure and the other six holes that complete the 7-note western scale. Place the edge of the mouth hole firmly against the center of your lower lip. Dora Wang of the New Canadian Global Music Orchestra gives us an introductory lesson to the bamboo flute.

The Andean Quena Quenacho major scale. Once Flutomat has given you the proper diameter for the embouchure begin to. Place the mouth hole of the bamboo flute flat on your bottom lip while youre smiling.

Purse your lips and lift the flute so the mouthpiece is slightly in front of and slightly below the hole your pursed lips have created. Choose the Transverse Flute if you want to play with other musicians desire the bright tone or are called to the traditional major scale. One of our bamboo Transverse Flute will play in two full octaves.

To do this you must blow air across the mouthpiece rather than into it. She goes over embouchure a simple scale how to ch. Its as if youre spitting an imaginary seed over the edge of the flute.

Hold the flute with a hand on each side left hand closest to the mouth hole the flute pointed to your right with all finger-holes open.

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