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How To Play Double Harmonica

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One plus symbol means to blow the harmonica hole. The second exercise you should practice is playing the same notes on both the harmonica and the guitar.

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The sound that comes out of this type of harmonica is stronger than.

How to play double harmonica. You can learn to play the double reed harmonica by practicing consistently and learning to read harmonica tablature which is a system of musical notation for the harmonica. Check out my Instruments on Amazon. Similar to guitar there is a unique method of notating harmonica music called tablature or tabs for short that is much easier to learn and read than traditional notation.

Under Pressure Ice Ice Baby. Lets evaluate harmonica notes to play the blues in the second position. Once youve mastered this try playing a C scale which on a C-tuned diatonic harmonica begins with.

An apostrophe means to bend the note of a half-tone. 1 means blow hole number 1. 12 means blow holes number 1 2 at the same time aka double-stop 123 means blow holes number 1 2 3 at the same time aka chord Example.

Make sure the numbers are facing up so the lowest pitch is on the left. All by yourself play the melody toward your right cheek while from the left strike the mouthpiece with your tongue to block the holes of notes you do not want to sound. I suggest that play the single notes first trying to these people clean then adding instantly hole.

Means playing the note with a dip bending. Leave the tongue there moving striking the front of the mouthpiece and creating a rhythm as you play. Learn to read tabs.

A triple apostrophe means to bend the note of three steps. How to play chords on harmonica. Blues boogie rocknroll.

PLAYING THE SAME NOTES ON BOTH INSTRUMENTS. A dot before the notes means to use tongue blocking articulations. This is not the advanced hand technique but will make things easier for now first things first.

The G blues scale consists of the following notes. The harmonica will play the same notes of exercise 1 while on the guitar youll play the C major scale starting on the 5th string fret 3. A method by which a melody can be played while beating a rhythm.

To play the harmonica start by practicing blowing into 1 hole to make a note. In addition to the notes we are already familiar with we may find the C sharp as a half-tone bending on holes l and 4 draw. To play a combination of double notes on adjacent holes simply widen the embouchure a little usually with the right side of the mouth.

You dont need to know how to read musical notation to play the harmonica. These double notes sound wonderful due to the simple fact that when you play harmonica in first position the note layout of the instrument is to your benefit. 4 4 4 44 4 3 4 4 4 4 44 4 3.

Place the harmonica in your left hand with your thumb on the bottom side and your fingers curving over the top side. The double holes in this type of harmonica have one reed tuned an octave apart from the other. If you want to bring each note up a step breathe in through the harmonica.

Learn to control the muscles around the mouth to modify the shape and position of your lips. A double apostrophe means to bend the note of a whole-tone. To play chords on the harmonica you just have to widen the mouth.

Hold the harmonica with either hand on the side of the harmonica. G Bb C C D F. Make sure you have the instrument right side up.

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