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How To Play Badminton Service

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Once the players are ready for the service the first forward movement of the servers racket head shall be the start of the service. In doubles service is rotated among the four players in the same order throughout the game.

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The point is over when the shuttlecock either hits the floor one of the players or fails to pass over the net.

How to play badminton service. Badminton is played with racquets a shuttlecock and with a mesh net separating the two players or pairs. How to do a short backhand service Stand in a comfortable and balanced position with your racket hand in front. After playing badminton the body becomes agile and flexible and one does not feel tired throughout the day.

Learn how to play the perfect backhand low serve every timeSmash harder with the FREE e-book. The badminton court or field is rectangular and it is divided into two equal parts. At the professional level Badminton is a multi-sprint sport consisting rallies lasting an average of 6-8 seconds with rest periods of about 15 seconds between.

Both players must remain stationary until the serve is made. Toss a coin or have another contest to decide which team will be serving first and which side they will play on. When one side faults and the other side gets the serve the service will be from the right court if the server has an even number of points at the time or from the left court if the server has an odd number of points.

For service in doubles shuttle in colored area is valid as shown in picture above and service is done diagonally meaning serving person should serve to same colour area in opponents court. Carry out a short back swing then bring the racket forward. From the service category players can choose to either serve first or receive first.

Both serves must follow these rules. In singles the server starts from the right service court and will serve from that side every time they have an even amount of points. A player serves from the left every time they have an odd amount of points.

To play Badminton at the highest level athletes are not only required to have great physical capabilities but also a refined technical prowess accompanied by an astute mind for strategy. For doubles during rally shuttle landing anywhere on court is valid include shuttle landing ON the line. The birdie must be hit below waist height with players serving diagonally into their opponents service box.

The server shall not serve before the receiver is ready. Understand the basics of play. When a player serves the shuttle he must bend his wrist back in order to push softly with forehand and backhand shots.

Both sides hit the shuttlecock over the net using their racquets until someone wins the point. The first serve of a badminton game comes from. Lead with your racket leg and place your non-racket leg behind with your feet pointing towards your opponent.

There are two ways to serve in badminton either the traditional high serve or the short backhand serve. The server must make contact with the cork. Low Serves in Badminton It is supposedly the most common serve in Badminton sport.

Once started the service is delivered when the shuttle is hit by the servers racket or in attempting to serve the server misses the shuttle. If you want more badminton training content inspiration and exercises you can now join Badminton Famly Plus right here. How to serve in badminton.

From the court ends category players can choose which side of the court to start play in. A low serve is used to hit the shuttle top over the net so that it may land vertically on the front court of your opponent. The risk of injury while playing badminton is very less due to which people of all ages can play this game.

Both feet must be on the ground during the entire serve. The winner of the coin toss selects and chooses an option in one of the above categories while the remaining category is determined by the other playerteam.

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