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How To Play Badminton Racket

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Accuracy in Placing Shots. Your opponent has the same objective.

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Players must wait for the birdie to cross the net before playing a shot and while you can follow through over it touching the net with your body or racket results in a point being conceded.

How to play badminton racket. Can be played as singles or doubles. The object of the game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net so that eventually the opponent is unable to return the shot. In back hand grip for underarm clears player hold the racket by placing the thumb on racket so that it will make 180 degree angle with the face.

If the head of the racket does not twist its perfect for shot placement. Judge the flight of the shuttle carefully which is wobble in nature. Whenever your shuttlecock touches the ground you have won the point do that enough and you win the game.

A lower string tension means a larger sweet spot which gives more power in the shots. Flight direction is more certain when the racket head does not twist easily. Raise up their elbow with the pinky side of their hand pointing upwards and the racket pointing downward.

By doing this it enables your wrist to be more flexible and move more freely. Hold the racket handle with one hand and use your other hand to twist the head of the racket sideways. A racket with a string tension of 18-20 lbs is good for beginners.

Most rackets are made using carbon and when your racket gets heated the carbon molecules in it tend to get misshapen and pulled due to the string tension. Most of us tend to place our badminton rackets back in its cover once were done playing. Hit the shuttlecock at the top of the arc.

Just turn the standard V-Grip 90 and put your thumb on the wide side of the racket. Try to hold the racket with your fingers and upper Palm area leaving space between racket and lower palm it is necessary as leaving some space in between allows you to quickly change your grip during a rally. A few things about the grip should be mentioned since learning how to play badminton and actually playing the game is much more enjoyable if the basics of gripping the racket are mastered to at least some degree.

For executing a backhand clear You wanna turn away from the V grip and a little bit move towards a pan handle grip now this is for the backhand from the back of the court. When you loosen the grip you mainly hold the racket with your thumb and your index fingers and try to creates space between your palm and your grip. The only time you would want to use a small racket is for very young children around age 4-5.

At the time of choosing your badminton racket you should consider the string tension. Tips to Play Badminton Better Warm-up and prepare yourself ready before the game. On the forehandside it is the panhandle grip that allows you to use a lot of fingerpower.

A good way to tell when a short racket is required is to do the following test. This can seriously damage your racket in the long run. Your last 2 fingers should rest comfortably on the badminton grip to balance the weight of the racquet.

Hit at the center of the base of the shuttlecock. Overview and History British military officers 1860 British India Badminton is a racket sport that is played on a court divided by a net five feet high. The game is played with a shuttlecock bird.

Use ONLY your thumb index and middle finger to control the racket. The basics of badminton The goal of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock with your badminton racket so that it goes over the net and drops inside your opponents side of the court. Grip the racket properly.

In playing tennis we soon learn that how we grip the racket is very important if we want to hit the ball with any accuracy or power. On the other hand a racket with high string tension has more control but less power. Alright thats just about the basics of holding the racquet.

Hold racket as low as possible but your palm should not cross the handle.

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