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How To Play Badminton Net Shot

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Trajectory net lift shot. It is a very specific shot.

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As youre moving forward raise your racket arm to around shoulder height.

How to play badminton net shot. However due to the proximity of the shuttle to the net doing a net kill will probably end up with the racket hitting the net and the umpire calling a fault against you. The best time to hit the shuttlecock is when it is at its peak height before it begins to fall due to gravity. The TumblingSpinning Net Shot.

This will allow you to generate maximum momentum with your shot. A net lift shot is a shot that is performed from the front of the court and directed to the back of the court. Badminton Net Kill Offensive.

Holding the racket correctly is the key to play quality drop shot close to the net. Net shots are all about timing and the right move at the right time is all it takes to score a quick point. Related videos from Coach Andy ChongThe Drive – httpsyoutubeb9TAhC5JtOsThe High Clear and Attack Clear – httpsyoutuberea3FT2FKogReturning the Serv.

For three to five minutes just net shot to each other on a half court and then switch sides. Lunge forward to the net with your Racket Foot 2. Every time you net shot its a good idea to move back and then lunge forward and net shot again.

To hit a drop shot that is close to the net adjust the angle of the racket face in accordance with the position of the incoming shot. With the net brush that. Badminton Spinning Net Shot aka.

Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a netAlthough it may be played with larger teams the most common forms of the game are singles with one player per side and doubles with two players per side. If youre good at net play you can easily win a rally at the front of the court. In the image below you can see the trajectory of a standard net lift shot.

Avoid holding your racket too tightly. If you want more badminton training content inspiration and exercises you can now join Badminton Famly Plus right here. Ideally this is the height where youre.

You just need a partner to play with you. Netting is a must-have in the front-court. Tilt your head slightly towards the.

This way you get both backhand and forehand net shots. Its a simple drill. It travels in a very specific angle making it hard for the opponent to read and even reach it.

The power in a drop shot comes from the wrist and fingers not arm. Heres how to do it and 3 progressive exercises for you to practice the net shotSubscribe to see More. Tumbling Net Shot Force your opponent to lift the shuttle high up to you.

A cross court net shot is played from one corner of the net across to the other side corner of the net in a manner that is along with the net. With a net brush shot you are trying to attack the shuttle as much as possible. How to Play the Tumbling Badminton Net Shot 1.

A flick of a wrist could send your opponent scrambling back. It is a defensive shot and it has an upward trajectory. If you can play extremely good spinning net shots the net shot itself can be a killer shot and youll find yourself winning rallies at the front of the net.

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