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How To Ice Skate Tips

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Observe the skaters who skate with ease to get an idea of what to do. Learning to ice skate backwards wasnt easy but it did happen by the end of the six weeks of dedicate ice skating lessons.

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Tie Your Skates Right Tying up your ice skates isnt quite like tying your shoes.

How to ice skate tips. In the case of ice skates its imperative that theyre tied in a way that fits your feet. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a skater is to lock your knees straight. First stretch your legs over the rink barriers.

Ideally theyll be quite snug around your feet. Do not wear jeans unless they allow ample room for movement and are light when wet. Evenly distribute the weight from one foot to the other afterward to learn the one-foot glide.

Sit and stand on ice independently. You will need to lift one foot off the ice for a short period of time before switching feet and pushing off from the other. Gliding is the most basic move in how to ice skate.

Stepping onto the ice for the first time can be a little scary. Then stretch your upper portion of your body by raising your arms out to your sides and rotating them in small circles. Put these tips to learn how to skate on ice and check the results.

Here are ten tips for you1 Hold the BoardCareful when you first enter the ice. Today I will be teaching you guys how to ice skate if you have never stepped a foot onto the ice this video is for you. EnjoyYou can contact me at.

Instead start with your knees bent and shoulder-width apart. Doing a little warm-up beforehand will assist prevent soreness or cramping after you are done as ice skating can be a workout. Push from one foot to the other to get moving and try to move slowly around the rink if youve never skated or have not skated in a long time.

You will also need clothes that allow you to move freely and that dont weigh too much when you get wet because when you fall you will inevitably get soaked. You should make sure that you are on the side of the rink so you can hold on as you get the feel of the ice underneath your blades. You wont be able to skate well if you keep shivering in the cold.

Hold the board while getting used to the fee. Start by marching into the rink slowly then carefully stand on both feet and try to glide using your body weight as required. First time on ice.

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